Nintendo hat nun offiziell das Erscheinen von Super Paper Mario für die Wii bestätigt.

Hier ist eine von mir persönlich geklaute englische Liste von Einzelheiten zum Spiel:

Takes place in the town of Flipside, where a giant black hole looms overhead, complete with floating math equations (that old story again huh?!)

Mario gains the ability to change perspective at will, switching from the normal side scrolling 2d view to a 3d view of the 2d “paper mario like” world

Switching camera from 2d to 3d is necessary. Some puzzles can only be solved by switching the camera to reveal new paths on a level

Wiimote is held sideways, 2 button is used to jump, A button to switch view.

Mario collects friends called Pixis that give him special abilities. These abilities make use of the Wiimote capabilities. One Pixi named Tippy allows you to point the Wiimote at the screen to learn more about enemies, or discover hidden passages.

Shaking the Wiimote at the right time when you jump on an enemy allows you to get more points

Graphics have received a noticeable upgrade since E3 videos

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